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Mauritz Breytenbach Attorneys are an established law firm specialissing in financial rehabilitation for the past twenty five years,consultations are normally done telephonically, depending on logistics and practicality as documents to be signed are then courried to the client's address and then returned.

Upon sequestration, a trustee is appointed by the master of the High Court, that is placed in control of the insolvent's estate. Creditors are then no longer able to pursue the insolvent directly.

There is a misconception that the insolvency procedure has been created to allow the people to incur debt and walk away. This is not the case, as is the trustees duty to guard creditor's interests and an application for the sequestration of a debtor's estate can be a very effective procedure to compel the debtor to pay. The insolvency procedure is therefore to the advantage of both insolvents and creditors alike.